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Are you ready to get organized and live a creative and productive life?


“It’s my mission to create beautiful and functional tools to help you live a creative and productive lifestyle."



Meet Ty

The mastermind behind the success of New Lux & Co.

Greetings everyone! I’m Ty, the owner of New Lux. based out of the DC metro area. I’m very passionate about life and keeping life organized and full of good energy. I just love food, travel, and I have added passion for designing things.

I am a stationery addict who lives and breathes the New Lux & Co. brand. From designing the products to handpicking items that make your life more organized, I like being involved in every step so that I can assure my products can serve your needs better.

I’m a keen learner which is why I love exploring different topics on self-development, productivity, happiness, and well-being. During this process, I’ve learnt that tracking habits and goal-setting play an important role in adding balance and focus to your life. I’ve tried to design my diaries and journal collection in a way you can develop a habit of keeping your life organized and up-to-date as it will help in your personal growth.

At New Lux & Co. our aim is to keep your life organized and full of positive energy by inspiring you to believe in yourself. I always wish to see my customers take consistent actions and chase their dreams by incorporating carefully designed routines, positive reminders and more, through our diaries and journals. My diaries and journals can be the motivation you need for taking those little steps day by day towards living the life you imagined for yourself.

New Lux & Co.

Keeps you organized and makes your everyday a special day


Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to get up and make your life better than it was the night before. We believe that you should step into each day of your week with a precise goal and purpose to improve yourself as a person. For doing so, you need to be more organized! We provide the right tools for you to do just that while also helping you live a more productive, creative, and positive life.

We are New Lux & Co. and we are a brand that helps you live a more organized life even in the busiest of times. We currently offer a curated selection of minimalistic stationery products including diaries, calendars, notebooks, and downloadable essentials.

We promote products to help you make your life more organized than it was before. For tools to organize your workspace to journals to write the goals you’ve set up, we provide simple ways for you to be more productive.

We believe that style and function are the ethos a brand should be centered around, that is why we offer high-quality products and content to help you live your best life.


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